Do You Need Collateral for a Bail Bond?

Do You Need Collateral for a Bail Bond

Bailing someone out of jail can be a costly endeavor, which is why most people look for help from bail bond companies. With help from a company like Valencia Bail Bonds, the cost of bailing someone out of jail can go down by 90%. While the discount is greatly appreciated, some clients run into trouble thanks to collateral.

Usually when dealing with large loans, which is similar to what a bail bond is, many companies require their clients to pledge some collateral. Collateral, if you don’t know, is an item of value equal to or greater than the amount of money that is being loaned out. If the client fails to pay off their loan, then they lose whatever was pledged.

Here at Valencia Bail Bonds, most of our clients don’t need to pledge collateral. Instead, we accept the signature of a working co-signer as collateral. This way, our clients don’t have to worry about losing a house or vehicle, meaning there is less stress involved.

Our goal at Valencia Bail Bonds is to make the bail process as simple and stress free as possible. One of the ways that we do this is by getting rid of the need for collateral on most of our bail bonds. You are already worried enough about your incarcerated loved one, you don’t need any extra worry tacked on to that.

Some of the other services we provide for our clients include:

• 24/7 Bail bond service
• 20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral with working signer
• Se habla Español

When you are looking to get a friend or family member released from jail, you don’t want to add to your worries. That is why you should always contact Valencia Bail Bonds for help. We do everything that we can to make posting bail easier and less stressful for our clients. This includes not requiring collateral on most of our bail bonds.

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