Valencia Bail Bonds Can Help with That

If you think that a warrant for your arrest may have been issued, please call 661-523-8444 or visit with a local bail agent at 14420 Civic Drive Suite 2 Victorville, California 92392.

Do you think you there might be a warrant out for your arrest? If you have even an inkling that you might have a warrant, you should find out for sure. Did you know that you can do that by contacting a bail agent?

Yes, it is true, some bail bond companies, like Valencia Bail Bonds, can do warrant checks for their clients. However, they cannot check in every California county because each county has its own set of rules for how warrant checks are handled. These are the counties that we can and cannot perform warrant checks in at Valencia Bail Bonds:

Yes, We Can:
• Fresno County
• Kern County
• Orange County
• Riverside County
• Sacramento County

Yes, With Conditions:
• San Bernardino County – We can only see if there is a warrant, we cannot see the bail amount.
• Stanislaus County – Only if the case is 48 hours old.
• Contra Costa County – We can only look until 4 pm, then it will have to wait until the next day and we can only look if it is for a failure to appear.
• Tulare County – Only if you have a case number.
• Los Angeles County – Only if you have a case number.
• Kings County – We can check as long as our local bail agent is in the area.
• San Joaquin County – We can check as long as our local bail agent is in the area.

No, We Cannot:
• Alameda County
• Madera County
• Marin County
• Napa County
• San Francisco County
• San Mateo County
• Santa Clara County
• Solano County
• Sonoma County

For the counties where we cannot check, you will have to go to the local courthouse yourself. If you did not see the county where you think your warrant is out of on our list, feel free to contact one of our bail agents. At Valencia Bail Bonds, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

You can get a free warrant check any time by calling 661-523-8444 or by clicking Chat With Us now.