How Is Bail Priced?

How Is Bail Priced

When it comes to getting someone released from jail, the one question that everyone has is how much will it cost. Everyone wants to rescue their loved ones from jail, but they want to make sure they can actually afford to do so. Sadly, answering this question without any specific information isn’t as simple as listing a number.

Bail is dependent on all sorts of variables. First and foremost, a person’s bail amount is dependent on what crime he has been accused of. Next, the bail amount is dependent on where the person was arrested. Every county in California has its own list of bail amounts for different crimes.

After that, a person’s criminal record plays a part in the bail amount. People who have committed more crimes in the past are typically more likely to commit more crimes in the future. These people tend to get higher bail amounts than people with cleaner criminal records.

Lastly, when deciding a person’s bail amount, a judge will look at the likelihood of the person running away once released. The higher that chance is, the higher the bail amount, up until it is decided the person cannot be released from jail.

All of these little things play into the pricing of a person’s bail. So without knowing any of this, it is hard to say how much a person’s bail will cost. However, this does not mean we can’t help. Here at Valencia Bail Bonds, we know everything about bail. If you have a loved one who has been arrested, we will be more than happy to figure out their bail amount and help you post bail at an affordable price.

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