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Should You Take Advantage of a Bail Bond if You Plan on Pleading Guilty?

One of the tough decisions some people have to make is whether they should explore the possibility of bail if they know that they’re going to ultimately plead guilty to the charges they’re facing. 

There isn’t a blanket answer to the question of if you should post bail if you’re pleading guilty. Each person’s case and situation simply vary too much.

We’ve heard many stories about people who pled guilty simply because they couldn’t afford to post bail, didn’t understand how a bail bond worked and had obligations they simply couldn’t miss. The problem is that in some of these situations, had the person posted bail rather than pleading guilty right off the bat, they could have gone home and at some point, the charges would have been dropped. In this situation, the decision to not take advantage of a bail bond and to take a quick plea deal resulted in a criminal record.

If you plan to plead guilty to the charges right away, it might be a good idea to do so rather than messing with bail. If you’re pleading guilty right off the bat and are already content with the deal the prosecution is offering, there’s no reason to forfeit the 10% fee you would pay for a bail bond.

On the other hand, if you have personal or professional matters that you need to attend to before you plead guilty, or if you want to see if the prosecution will offer you a better deal, or if you want to see if there’s a chance the charges will be dropped, the 10% fee you’ll spend for a bail bond will likely be worthwhile. Taking advantage of the bail bond and being released from jail gives you the time and the freedom needed to get your affairs in order before you plead guilty to the charges. It also lets you take your time and really think about your options.

If you need more information about how the California bail bonds system works, contact Newhall Bail Bonds for a free consultation. Just because you partake in a consultation it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to sign a contract with us. 

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Newhall bail bonds

The California Arrest and Bail Process

Based on a police investigation, it’s determined that there is enough evidence against you to justify filing charges and formally arresting you. This is a terrifying process that causes a great deal of stress for both you and your loved ones. At this point, it feels like your entire future has gone up in flames and you think that the only thing you have ahead of you is a jail cell.

The next step is getting booked. This happens before you’re put into a cell. This is when the booking officer takes down your important information, handles your fingerprints, and takes your mugshot. Depending on how busy it is, it could take hours to complete the booking process.

Once you’ve been booked, you’ll be placed into a cell.

For minor crimes, the bail is usually a predetermined amount that the booking officer can tell you about. However, for more serious offenses, or cases where there are multiple charges, you’ll probably have to go before a judge who will decide what a fair bail amount is. 

If you can afford to post the bail yourself, you’ll post the entire amount and be released. If neither you nor any of your loved ones have the funds available, the best thing you can do is contact Newhall Bail Bond. Consultations are available 24/7 and are an excellent source of information.

There are several reasons why you should contact us after you’ve been arrested and find yourself in need of a bail bond. These reasons include:

  • 20% Discount to approved applicants
  • Phone/online approvals 
  • 0% Interest payment plans 
  • No hidden fees 
  • 24/7 Bail bond service 
  • No collateral is required for working signers 

Perhaps the most compelling reason you should contact us when you need a bail bond is that we’re an excellent resource whenever you have questions. The California court system is incredibly busy and will rarely have the time to provide you with answers when you want to know what you can and can’t do while you’re out on bail. When you turn to us for a bail bond, you can rest assured that you’ll always connect with a real person who will happily answer any questions you have.

Getting a bail bond from Newhall Bail Bonds is incredibly easy. All you have to do is call 661-523-8444 or click the Chat With Us now link. The sooner you do, the sooner we can post your bail.