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Will the Money You Spend on a Bail Bond be Returned to You?

One of the great things about California’s bail program is that you get the bail money back at the conclusion of your case. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

But what about when you don’t have the entire amount of the bail, so you opt for a bail bond instead. Do you still get the money you paid the bail bonds company back?

The simple and short answer is no.

When you work with a company like Valencia Bail Bonds to get a bail bond, you pay us a fee that comes to 10% of the set bail. That money is ours. You don’t get it back. In exchange for the 10% fee, we post a bail bond for the entire amount of the set bail. At the conclusion of your case, we will get that back.

What you do get back when your case is over is anything you posted as collateral. We don’t hang onto those things. Anything that was used as collateral to help secure you’re bail bond will be immediately returned.

If you’re wondering why you should go through all the effort of securing a bail bond when you don’t get your money back, the answer is simple. Because the 10% we charge is better than spending several months in jail.

We understand that even the 10% can be difficult for some people to come up with, especially if the bail is high. To make things a little easier, we offer a flexible payment plan. If you decide to take advantage of the payment plan, you’ll be glad to know that we don’t charge and hidden fees and it’s an interest free system.

Other reasons you should contact Valencia Bail Bonds include:

  • 24/7 Bail bond service 
  • 20% Discount for approved clients
  • Phone/online approvals 
  • Free online and phone consultations
  • No collateral required for working signers 
  • Discrete service
  • Fast service
  • Fast approvals

Contact us for more information about the California bail bond program and how it benefits you. Call 661-523-8444 or click Chat with Us now for an obligation-free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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Bailing a Loved One Out of Jail in the Middle of the Night

There’s very little worse than getting a call in the middle of the night and finding out that one of your loved ones has been arrested. The last thing you want is for them to be stuck in a jail cell for any longer than absolutely necessary.

The good news is that they already know exactly how much money is needed to bail them out. The bad news is that you don’t have that kind of money on hand and even if you did, it’s more than you can afford to set aside for bail.

When this happens to you, your first step in contacting Valencia Bail Bonds office. We offer free consultations that provide you with the means to learn all there is to know about the bail bonds program and what it will take to get your loved one out of jail in the middle of the night.

There are several reasons you should contact a 24-hour bail bonds agency like Valencia Bail Bonds. The most important reason is your peace of mind. Knowing your loved one is stuck in jail is stressful. Wanting to get them out as soon as possible is perfectly natural. Talking to someone who is knowledgeable goes a long way towards easing your fears. By the end of the consultation, you’ll have a much better understanding of what your options are and how you want to proceed. 

You won’t believe how easy and smooth the process is.

Valencia Bail Bonds is open and taking consultations 24/7. All consultations are free and will provide you with valuable information. For additional information, feel free to call 661-523-8444 or click the Chat with Us Now link. We’re ready and willing to answer all of your questions.