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Pickpocketing in California

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When you think about it, you don’t often hear about pick pocketers these days. It’s not because pickpocketing is no longer a problem, but because crimes involving pick pocketers are either given different names and because they seldom generate any media attention. According to the CBS affiliate in San Francisco, pickpocketing is still a common occurrence. […]

California’s Stance on Wallet Guns


If you’ve never heard of a wallet gun, you’re not alone. They’re not terribly common and are usually only seen at gun shows and in museums where they’re often considered a novelty item. However, since wallet guns are a real thing and there is always a chance that someone could have one that they honestly […]

California Ear Bud Laws

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Earbuds are awesome. They provide you with a way to tune out all the noise connected to the world and lose yourself in music, white noise, audiobooks, and podcasts. The earbuds fit snugly into your ear so that you don’t have to worry about anyone being disturbed by what you’re listening to. What you might […]

California’s Views on Illegal Pets

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If you think that as long as you’re responsible for their care, you can own any type of pet you want, you’re wrong. California has specific laws that restrict what types of pets you’re legally allowed to own. Monkeys As much as you might like the idea of having a pet monkey, as long you […]

Can my Neighbor Legally Point a Security Camera Towards my Property?

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In the past, no one worried when a neighbor decided to install a home security system. The creation and easy availability of small security cameras has changed everyone’s attitude towards home security. One of the issues many people, especially those who live in subdivisions and other areas where houses are close together, is if my […]

Safety Tips for College Students

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It’s the time of year when many young adults are preparing for their first semester of college. In most cases, this is the first time they have lived without the supervision and guidance of their parents. One of the things college bound students should already be reviewing is how they can make sure that they […]

Appliance Abandonment in California

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Old appliances are massive headaches. It seems like no one wants to take them, they’re a pain for you to move on your own, and they take up an incredible amount of space.  If you’re thinking about getting rid of one of your old appliances, you should know that California has rules about appliance abandonment. […]