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How Valencia Bail Bonds Store Helps Bail People Out Of Jail

The judge, who looks at the defendant’s crime, their criminal history, and their ties with the community, determines the amount of bail a defendant needs to post in order to be released from jail. Most people cannot afford bail on their own so they seek help of a bail bondsman like the agents at Valencia Bail Bonds. The agent will work with the defendant and/ or a cosigner to evaluate how they can pay not the full bail amount, but instead the premium, which is 10% of the full bail amount. Once that has been figured out, paperwork will be completed and sent to the jail where the defendant is being held. The bail bond agent will post the bail bond. It may take a few hours for him or her to actually be released, but those few hours behind bars is still much better than days and weeks. 

Once they are released, they are allowed to return home, to work, to family until the judge requires them to reappear in court. In order for this bail bond to be 100% valid, if you will, the defendant MUST come to court whenever ordered and must comply with any and all other orders and restrictions set by the judge, like performing community service, or staying away from a certain person or place. The defendant has to stay out of trouble. If they fail to show up in court or fail to comply with the terms of release, the bail bond will be invalid and the bondsman will have to track down the defendant to bring them back to court. The full bail amount will then need to be paid, and any collateral tied to the initial bail bondmay not be released back.

It seems like a simple, no questions asked process but not all cases go without problems. Valencia Bail Bonds will do their best to make every case as seamless as possible. We know bail is expensive and families are torn apart when one is arrested. 

We want to help resolve these problems so please contact us at 661-523-8444 because we can help!

valencia bail bonds

Positivity Goes A Long Way

Valencia Bail Bonds sheds light on the bail bond process in a way no one else would, and that’s showing the use of bail bonds with positive reinforcement rather than a negative connotation. Yes, getting arrested and thrown in jail has throws red flags everywhere and yes, hearing that a loved one of yours is in jail and in need of your help is frustrating. But try looking at the situation this way: by posting bail, you can be reunited with your loved one and bring them back home. There is no need to throw in more negativity than there already is.

Plus, by being hopeful and thinking positively about posting bail to bring your loved one home, you are demonstrating your firm support for them, which in turn will encourage them to deal with the coming court hearings and possible trial professionally and regretfully. They need your guidance even if they do not ask for it. This is your chance to help them become a better person.

If you need help posting a bail bond, contact us at Valencia Bail Bonds at 661-523-8444. Our professionals are here to answer all your questions and walk you through the process of posting bail. Together we can help your loved one in this time of need!