A person can be denied bail for a few different reasons. When a case is brought before a judge, he or she will examine those factors to determine the bail amount. The judge has to decide if allowing the person to get out of jail will be a safe idea for the community. Will the person behave while out on bail, or will they cause more trouble? If the judge sees too many red flags, he or she will deny bail.

The factors that the judge will look at when determining bail amounts are:

  • The crime in question. Different crimes get different bail amounts, with the worse crimes getting higher amounts. The worst crimes out there, such as rape and murder, are often denied bail.
  • The person’s criminal record. People who have committed more crimes in the past are more likely to commit more crimes in the future. Letting them out would put public safety at risk so they are often denied bail.
  • The chances of the person running away. Some people don’t like to face the consequences of their actions and would rather run away. People are less likely to run if they have reasons to stick around, such as family, a home, or a job. If a person doesn’t have those in the area, then the judge may deny bail.

A judge looks at all of these factors while determining a person’s bail amount. This is why two people can be arrested for the same crime but end up with different bail amounts.

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